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    Hiring a freelance web designer is often cheaper than going to an agency because they have less overheads. They are also usually more responsive as the client will always have direct contact with the freelance at all times. A Freelance Web Designer will usually specialise in a few different skillsets and can help you build whatever you are looking for from small brochure sites to full eCommerce builds.
    All freelance web designers will charge for projects slightly differently. I charge on a per project basis, so I would ask you to send me a brief outlining your requirements.

    That way I can see if we’ll be a good fit and if I believe I have the skills needed to bring your project to life. I can say that my prices for bespoke design & development typically start at around the £499 + VAT figure.
    I usually break the project into two payments. The first 50% is paid upfront as an initial kick off invoice. The remaining 50% is paid when no more changes are required on the development server and the site is ready to go live.
    Every Web Design Project will be broken down into various parts with a typical brochure site taking around 6 – 8 weeks from start to finish.

    A more complicated build or something eCommere based could be anywhere from 8 – 20 weeks depending on the size and how complex it is.

    For a rough breakdown of an average timeline please see the below table:
    Research & Initial Meetings Week 1
    Concept / Design stage Weeks 2 – 4
    Development Stage Weeks 4 – 5
    Testing / QA Stage Weeks 6 – 7
    Launch Weeks 8
    For the best possible start to your project it’s always best that you have everything you need to hit the ground running. It’s not a deal breaker if you don’t have these ready it can just make things take slightly longer.

    Branding – I’ll ask you to supply any brand guidelines you have before we begin. If you dont have any that’s not a problem, simply supplying your logo in an SVG format will suffice.

    Photography – If you have an image library I’ll ask to access to this, again if you don’t have this we can look at sourcing images for you from stock libraries like Shutterstock or Unsplash.

    Content If you have already planned out your content with sitemaps and corresponding documents outlining all the content that goes on each page, fantastic! If not, I will ask for a rough content plan so we know what needs to go on each page and then we can fill the pages with placeholder ‘lorem ipsum’ until you have written the content.
    Yes. If you already have a web designer on board and are looking for a web developer to bring it to life then feel free to get in touch. My only requirement is that the designer you choose will need to be able to supply me with hand over files in a modern format such as, XD, Sketch, Figma or anything that’s larger used for web design.
    Yes. I can supply your developers with full hand over documentation using InVision and design the vast majority of my sites using Sketch or Figma. This means that your developers will be able to export all the assets they require in an SVG format which means the site will look crisp across multiple devices/screens.
    Yes. I’m an advocate for content management systems (CMS). Using a CMS like WordPress means that you will be able to easily edit your website yourself with ease, without the need for any programming knowledge, by adding/editing pages and blog posts, etc. A training session will also be offered to make sure that you are comfortable updating your website.
    As a web designer I often use WordPress to power the majority of my websites. Clients often like to use this as it’s open source (meaning it doesn’t require an expensive yearly licence to use) and it’s very easy to use. I do work with other PHP based CMS’s such as Craft & Perch.
    I enjoy working with a wide range of companies and individuals, and I bring the same skills to my work for small clients that I do for larger ones. I’m just as interested in working with small businesses as I am are big ones, and because I’m a local business, I have an edge when it comes to meeting the demands of developing organizations.
    I have worked on projects with companies and individuals all over the world and I’m always open to new opportunities. I have a good understanding of the web design process and what it takes to deliver a project on time, so whether you’re in the UK, US, Europe or Asia, I can work with you. If you’d like to work with me on your next project you can get in touch here
    I don’t as I feel it’s important the client has complete control of their website domain and hosting. I will happily make recommendations and help you get setup, including any email addresses you need.
    It is recommended that you should purchase an SSL certificate. Customers are becoming increasingly more informed about the safety of the internet. If they can see your website has gone that bit further to be secure it can only help their impression of you. Google is also rewarding websites that have an SSL with higher rankings.
    Due to the high quality and personalized nature of the work, we will not be issuing any refunds.

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